Hi, We're SWOLY Supplements

We're fitness freaks, gym rats, and perfectionists dedicated to making the best supplements in the universe.

swoly in the gym
swoly supplements in the gym

Our Story

SWOLY® was founded by two besties with a dream and passion for spreading good vibes and gains, one gummy at a time.

After drinking one too many clumpy creatine drinks, making us question our life choices, we demanded a better way to take sports nutrition supplements. We tried mixing creatine with coffee, pre-workout, protein, we even tried milk and bone broth.

As you know, they all sucked. Without fail, creatine powder always sunk to the bottom and tasted wack. That's when we had our eureka moment: what if we could make creatine not just bearable, but downright enjoyable?

Enter creatine gummies. We combined the power of premium creatine monohydrate with the convenience and taste of gummy bears to create a fitness supplement you'll actually look forward to taking. No more messy powders, hassle, or bitter concoctions. Plus it cut down on the laundry list of powdered supplements we had to mix every day.

That's what SWOLY® is all about - phenomenal gummy supplements you'll actually look forward to taking. Gummies to help you push harder, conquer your next workout, and get swoly. 

Welcome to the revolution.