flying red creatine gummy bears


The Road To Creatine Mono Gummies

SWOLYâ„¢ was founded by two besties with a dream and passion for spreading good vibes and gains, one gummy at a time.

After drinking one too many chalky creatine drinks, practically getting throat punched by that last couple sips, we demanded a better way to take creatine. After snagging some creatine from GNC and Amazon, we tried to hide it with pre-workout, protein, coffee, we even tried milk and bone broth.

As you know, they all sucked. Without fail, creatine monohydrate always sinks to the bottom. So we came up with a better way. We made creatine monohydrate gummies.

The creatine gummies are not only WAY more convenient than creatine powder, they're also really tasty and are easy to digest and absorb. A win-win.

SWOLY™ CREATINE MONO packs premium creatine in convenient gummies to help you push harder, conquer your next workout, and dominate your goals.